DigihousePi Digihouse WiFire

My most active hobby as of late has been constantly upgrading my house with a combination of home made and commercial automation devices. From the fireplace to the garage door, the goal is to be able to control it with my phone.

Device Quantity Category
WiFire (WiFi Photon) 1 Climate Control
Raspberry Pi w/ ZWave 1 Home Automation Server
DD-WRT Router/Server 1 Networking/Web Server
ZWave Dimmer 9 Lighting Control
ZWave Switch 2 Lighting Control
ZWave Outlet 1 Lighting Control
ZWave Relay 4 Lighting/Appliance Control
Nest 1 Climate Control
Sonos Play 1 1 Audio System
Sonos Play 3 2 Audio System
Google Chromecast 3 Video System
Chamberlin MyQ 1 Garage door access


Voltulator Input Voltulator Output

The Voltultor is a website I made to calculate the cost in dollars per month of charging my Chevy Volt. The OnStar website provides a CSV file with details like the time of the charge and the amount of kilowatt hours per charge, that combined with the average cost of gas and the current electric rates and it will tell you how much you spent that month, and how much you saved!

Android Rover

Android Rover Android Rover Android Rover

The Android rover is a telepresence robot I created for a 3 credit independent study course in the Computer Science department at Montana State University. The rover is powered by a Motorola Droid smartphone and a IOIO Android development board. The Droid is mounted to a pan/tilt bracket, giving it the ability to look around its environment, and is propelled with mecanum wheels, giving it the ability to drive sideways. This was no doubt the most fun I ever had earning collegiate credit.


Barmonkey Barmonkey Barmonkey

The current iteration of the Barmonkey is a minifridge with a twist. Powered by a Windows XP Netbook, an Ardruino, 4 solonoid valves, an aquarium air pump, a custom relay circuit and dumb luck, the Barmonkey serves beverages by a tap on its touchscreen. You have to be careful with this one, because once in full swing, it can be quite effective at its goal.


WoodPC WoodPC WoodPC

The WoodPC is my main personal desktop computer. Back in college I needed a new desktop, but also needed to build it on a budget. Instead of spending a bunch of money on a case, I went to the local craft store and bought a crate. After some staining and finagaling, I fit my PC in there. There are handles on the side for easy carrying, and a GTX 960 inside for gaming.